Wild Hearts Rescue

The brief:

Wild Hearts Rescue is my personal ‘baby’.

About a decade ago, I was trained to become a wildlife rehabilitator and set up my own small wildlife shelter with a variety of enclosures suitable for different species.

It became apparent to me that a lot of education needs to be done to inform the public about what they can do to help our native wildlife. I set up a website to address many of the questions people may have. 

In addition to this, I wanted the website to have an online shop and a section for donations.

Achieved through:

» Large, high quality images of cute wildlife joeys

» Informative section about threats our native wildlife face

» In depth section about how people can take action to make a difference

» Webshop divided into categories for easy search

» Donation button that links to GoFundMe campaign

» Important information accessible on the first page



Wild Hearts Rescue Website


This is a scrolling image of the Wild Hearts Rescue Website:


Wild Hearts Rescue Sticky Labels


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