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I can help you design brochures, ‘Thank you’ cards, sticky labels, business cards, logos and more.


Print media – a tool to win & retain customers

An eye catching logo and a responsive website are important parts of your branding strategy, but there is much more to it:

If you are selling physical goods, labels are a vital part of your brand identity. They are likely to be the first impression customers will have with your product, so you want to make sure they reflect the quality you strive for in both design and materials.

If you offer a service, you may require business cards, flyers or brochures to spread the word about your business.

Once you’ve established your customer base, you’ll want to look after them like loyal friends. Customer retention programs can take several forms. It’s often the simple things that your customers remember. For example adding a friendly ‘thank you’ note or sticky label to their purchase makes them feel warm and fuzzy when they receive their order.

Here are some examples of my print designs


I’d love to help you with your graphic design needs.

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