Bottle of face oil in forest setting decorated with oregano in flower

Herbae Thylacini

The brief:

Product photoshoot of the organic skin care line Herbae Thylacini for a new website with online shop and for the business social media accounts. Professional photos that draw attention and convert viewers to buyers.

Achieved through:

» 3 photoshoots in different settings:

  • forest settings with native plants as decoration
  • studio setting with herbs as decoration
  • products being used


Product photos for Herbae Thylacini

Sarah's testimonial image


I have been looking for a talented photographer who would creatively present our products. During our meeting Susie made sure we were on the same page by asking detailed questions.

I found it very easy to communicate with her. The resulting photos were exactly what we discussed and what I wished for. I look forward to continue our work together in the following months.

Dr. Karolina Skraskova, Founder, Herbae Thylacini

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